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9 Nisan 2012 Pazartesi

Shitstorm! - Vol. I

So, yeah I decided to write. I spend last few months with a great curiosity for one of the my favorite games, Mass Effect. Because that awesome game series was about the end and that end should be LEGEN-wait for it-DARY. This was what we all ME fans and gamers expected. So what we gain? A good game, NOT awesome, with a shitty end. I'm so fucking glad I didn't buy the game.

For some reasons I wait before play and avoid the spoilers, in the meanwhile some of my friends (including Rose) told me how they were upset.

"Ending sucked!"

"They fucked the game in last 5 minutes! 5 minutes!"

"After DA2 and now with ME3, I totally lost my faith in BioWare!"

"Especially YOU gonna hate the ending and the BioWare more then me!"

Especially me? What the fuck? It can't be that bad, can it? After all of this bad impressions I feel I should hold my expectations low, very low. Because I loved BioWare and their games. I don't want to lose my respect and love to their work. And when I start playing the game I was like, "Wait now, this game is good, man. Good." There were certain scenes made me ALMOST cry. But generally game was weak about relationships, dialogues and feelings, I'll go back to that later.


I always talked about between peace the Quarians and the Geth in the game. I found EDI very interesting. I can talk like I'm Commander Shepard, now. Don't think I lost myself in a game, because I know what is reality and what is not. The reason of playing ME, and several other games is that you can feel the game and the story. Reactions of the character is reactions of the gamer (you don't say?!). I could choose the "Get rid of that thing!" option for EDI when Cerberus upload her to Normandy. But as Shepard and the gamer I knew the dangers of AIs and Cerberus from first game and still take the risk and answer with humor, "Joker gonna so much hate this."

As Shepard we found Legion (I'm using "we" instead of "I" because I'm referring generally gamers not just myself). Legion showed us how the Geth were different from what we think. We help him to rewrite/destroy the heretics. When Tali and Legion fight each other for data we show them there were a greater threat and both Quarians and Geth can't always be in fight each other.

When we finished the Shadow Broker DLC we have a chance to read lots of thing, including conversation between Legion and EDI. Even AIs have their own ways to understand each other and organics.

In ME3, EDI gain a body. She and Joker started a relationship, as an organic and a synthetic life forms. It was humorous, interesting and hopeful for the future of the both life forms. EDI experienced to have a humanoid body. Analyzed almost everything she read, heard about human nature. Asked questions about them, when we answered all of her questions with patience and understanding she decided to re-write her own programing with specific priorities. This was the her way of evolve. She was like a little child with full of curiosity and desire to learn.

When we met Quarians and the Legion again, we see how the Geth worried from destruction and for their survival they even choose to be a tool to the Reapers. As a Shepard-Commander we enter the virtuality of the Geths and saw their memory records. When they created to serve by Quarians they were like children. Curious and eager to learn, like EDI. They asked a question but despite the gaining a proper answer they were forced to shut down and destroyed. Few Quarians tried to protect them and Geth refuse that protection for the sake of that Creator. They tried to surrender but terrified Quarians killed their own people when they aiming to Geth. When Quarians escaped from their "homeworld," Geth do not followed them, there was no reason to follow and wipe out from entire Quarian Race. They become caretakers of the Rannoch.

Legion hide his plans and some infos from us. His reaction was childish, he and Geth were afraid even they didn't know the meaning. They don't want to be non-existed. With our permission Legion sacrifice himself and referred himself as "I" instead of "we." He became an only one person and a unit who had a soul. After that all Geth have their own knowledge and personality, separated from united network. Finally there were peace between Geth and the Quarians. This was their chance to redeem themselves and understand each other. Geth welcome the Quarians to the Rannoch, helped them to rebuild. This peace was the hope of how Organic and Synthetic Life can be together.

Javik said "We organics have no idea about how we were created, it is a mystery. Above all, machines know the reason they were created. They serve a purpose while we search aimlessly for ours. In their eyes, organics have no reason to exist." He was wrong, synthetics' purpose aren't different from us. For finding our purpose we will search, read, talk, analyzed the life and the events all around us. This is same for the synthetics, too. We will evolve to a greater generation with what we learn and experienced, also synthetics will evolve with upgrading their program if we give them a chance how to learn. We are all machines, some of us more soft and fleshy then others. But basically all of us have a program in their brain. And we called it social consciousness, my ass.

Eventually we convinced the TIM for doing the right thing or we killed him in progress. Regardless, we reach our purpose, we do everything we can and fell unconscious. We should go to a bar near the sea and watch Mordin, when he performing tests on seashells.

"Look Shepard, seashells!"

Doodle by me.

Instead of this we wake up and come face to face a ghost boy who assumes he is the Catalyst and the Citadel was part of his being. He was the one who created all of this and the Reapers was his solution. We talked with him--the hell, I'm just going to copy paste all the conversation here;

Shep: I need to stop the Reapers, do you know how?

Child: Perhaps, they are my solution.

Shep: The solution to what?

Child: Chaos. The created will always rebel against their creators. But we found a way to stop that from happening. A way to restore order for the next cycle.

Shep: By wiping out organic life?

Child: No. We harvest advanced civilizations, leaving the younger ones alone. Just as we left your people alive last time we were here.

Shep: But you kill the rest.

Child: We helped them ascend so they could make way for new life, storing the old life in Reaper form.

Shep: I think we'd rather keep our own form.

Child: No, you can't. Without us the stop it, synthetics would destroy all organics. We created the cycle so that never happens. That's the solution.

Shep: But you're taking away our future. Without future, we have no hope. Without hope... we might as well be machines, programmed to do what we're told.

Child: You have hope. More than you think. The fact you are standing here, the first organic ever, proves it. But it also proves my solution won't work anymore.

Shep: So now what?

Child: We find a new solution.

Shep: Yeah, but how?

Child: The Crucible changed me. Created new... possibilities. But I can't make them happen. I know you've thought about destroying us. You can wipe out all synthetic life if you want. Including the Geth. Even you, part of synthetic.

Shep: But the Reapers will be destroyed?

Child: Yes, but the peace won't last. Soon your children will create synthetics, and then the chaos will come back.

Shep: Maybe...

Child: Or do you think you can control us?

Shep: Huh. So... the Illusive Man was right after all.

Child: Yes, but he could never have taken control... because we already controlled him.

Shep: But I can...

Child: You will die. You will control us, but you will lose everything you have.

Shep: But the Reapers will obey me?

Child: Yes. There is another solution.

Shep: Yeah?

Child: Synthesis.

Shep: And that is?

Child: Add your energy to the crucible's. Everything you're will be absorbed and then sent out... The chain reaction will combine all synthetic and organic life into new framework. A new... DNA.

Shep: I... don't know.

Child: Why not? Synthetics are already part of you. Can you imagine your life without them?

Shep: And there will be peace?

Child: The cycle will end. Synthesis is the final evolution of life. But we need each other to make it happen. You have a difficult decision. Releasing the energy of the crucible will end the cycle, but it will also destroy the mass relays. The paths are open. But you have to chose.

(I'm leaving the rest of this to my Shepard, I'm sure she can explain much better then me.)

"BULLSHIT!! I re-unite the Geth and Quarians. I make them understand each other. I listen and answer every questions of EDI and Legion with patience, understanding and trust like a parent figure. Every children rebel against their own parents and in the end all of them see the truth about life and growing up. WITHOUT you to help three hundred years ago Geth already let the Quarians run away from Rannoch. Geth DID NOT follow them for destruction. They refuse the wiping out from the entire race!

I'm not fucking afraid from dying for the sake of the damn galaxy. But if I get rid of the all synthetic life forms in the future organics will create them again, like you said. Nothing will be changed.

I don't want to control the Reapers, it is not a solution just an another delay of a massive destruction. Because you can create another Reaper-like life forms for wiping out the organic and try to restore the cycle shit. And how the hell I will know you're not trying to indoctrinate me, too?

And synthesis? Hell NO! I'm not gonna sacrifice myself for that bullshit. Even I sacrifice myself for it there will be no gain. All life forms became a free-rider. Unless they not work, not fight for it. Nobody will be grateful if you just give them to the suddenly gifted final evolving synthesis stage. They will not question it, they will not work for it, they will not understand the meaning of it and sacrificed lives in this way. And in some point they will create something else because evolving will NEVER ends. And you gone mad again, saying things like 'Chaos there is we must wipe out all of them!' FUCK. YOU. With all the difference species and ideas, galaxy is in chaos even without synthetics. But there is harmony in that damn chaos. Even chaos has its own order. Despite all of these things if we, if I wipe out the all synthetic life then we will never be able to evolve and earn to that synthesis stage.

And what the hell 'it will also destroy the mass relays'? If they will be destroyed then all the civilized galaxy races will be trapped in the Sol System. Except few species how all of them stay alive in the Earth? Or Mars, Moon? We don't eat the same thing with Turians and Quarians. Without a proper life support whatever I choose sooner or later all organic life will be end for being trapped in the same system.

With this solutions of yours, you're wiping out of all the hope, future, evolving and the reason for being. And none of your offers are better for galaxy nor us. AND only thing you do is dancing around the words and pretending like a smart jackass. So, GET. THE. FUCK. OFF!!"

"Fuck off!"

Doodle by me.

I believe both I and my Shepard are express ourselves pretty good about the shitty logic of ME3 Ending. And if rumors are true and there was a FREE DLC which show us the "real glorious" ending then I salute you BioWare and THEN I will buy my own copy of the game. Because you will gain my respect and love again. But if not, if this is the best thing you can give us then... then there is no hope. I even lost my desire to buy and play SWTOR.

Then I saw this, from this angle I can say I'm glad to hear my money stays in my pocket. Plus, "Comments are closed." my ass.

Also Rose send this vid to me, I watched it when I finished the writing and he is talking about pretty same things as me, as any other ME fan. And as we know, great minds think alike.

Well, that was a hell of a... writing. I'm done I think. Now time to wait for summer and that so to say DLC. Also sorry for the grammar mistakes, so tried to check. Maybe later.

Del out.

ps. I wrote this few days ago then I decided to post here, too.

26 Kasım 2011 Cumartesi

dı SW:tOR Beta Testing Advençır!

Del klavyeye saldırmış;

Oyunla ilgili en ama en kötü şeyleri söyleyerek başlamak istiyorum. Evet, o kadar rezil bir olay vardı ki gece SS almamıza rağmen PC bile kendisi bu rezilliğe dayanamadı ve SS'yi kocaman kara bir dikdörtgene çevirdi.




There was a player named "ju***nb***er" 
Akıl sağlınız için sansürledik, evet.

After that we were like;

Rose pizza kutularını toplamış;

Beta testing maili geldikten sonra hazır yanımda tatilde olan Del ile birlikte deliye döndük. O benden daha bir deliye döndü gerçi, ben onun kadar büyük bir heyecanla beklemiyordum oyunu. Hesaplar açıldı, şifreler hatırlandı ne bileyim, oyun indirildi patchler tamam, sadece serverların açılış saatini beklemek kaldı.

Açılır açılmaz da oyundaydık gerçi ama tüm serverlar doluydu! Amerika'da bir server'a girdik biz de.

İlk açtığımız karakter diyip Del'e bırakıyorum o açtı ilk karakteri çünkü =p

Hapşırık tıksırık salya sümük hasta Del;

Elbette ilk açtığımız karakter Twi'lek Jedi Consular oldu denemek amaçlı. Ben Togruta oynamayı çok istiyordum ama ırk olarak koymamışlardı. Öyle "oyun nası bişi acaba ki" denemek için mavi bir Twi'lek yarattım/tık (?), klasik. Oyuna başladık ama sonra kendimizi (missing scene hesabı) Rose için (benim de merak ettiğim) Sith Inquisitor açarken bulduk. Asaj'ın ırkından, unuttum adlarını şimdi (gah!). 

Rose o missing scene'i doldurmuş;

Ene ne güzelmiş, hobarey ortam süper, ehaha ne güzel gel yavrucum, barış huzur ortamı bir ortamdı Jedi ortamı. Herkes Jedi açmış ama galiba o kadar kalabalıktı ki! İlk yaptığımız şey oyunun ara yüzlerini deşmek oldu. Light side/Dark side barı var. Konuşmaları kendimiz seçebiliyoruz tepkimize göre (hafif mass effect tadında gidiyor bu konuşmalar, seçiyoruz, o o tadda başka bişi söylüyor). Konuşmaların hepsi seslendirilmiş. Daha önce WoW da oynadım, onda böyle bir şey yoktu ve çok can sıkıcı bulmuştum, hani, karakterim kendi cevaplarını versin çok istemiştim.

Neyse, onun dışında derin bir lag mevcuttu (herkesin Jedi'lara hücum ettiği için olduğunu sanıyorum). Karakterler aşırı ince ve uzundu. Göze batacak derecede hem de. Karakter yaratım ekranında uzun bir süre geçirmek de mümkündü tabi, oynaşacak çok şey vardı çünkü. Kamera kontrollerini zor buldum, mouse ve klavyeyi hareket etmek için kullandığımda malladı alet. Duvarlara girdim durdum. Umarım düzeltirler. Genel olarak kamera ve UI hakkında yeniliklere ihtiyaçları var. Ayrıca karakterin loot için ya da saldırmak için tıklayınca koşmaması da biraz sinir bozucu olmuş. Zaten kamera yüzünden hareket edemiyorum, bana kim nerden saldırmış bulana kadar ölüyorum.

Ölmek demişken; ölünce öldüğünüz yerden sizi kaldırması için bir droid çağırabiliyorsunuz. Her öldüğünüzde çağırma süreniz uzuyor. Veya en yakın medical center'da respawn olabiliyorsunuz. Droid  sizi canlandırınca bir süre görünmez olu-

Del medic droidin üstüne atlayıp havada asılı kalır;

Droiiiiiid!!! *-* 

Evet, bakalım karakter yaratımlarından biraz bıdırdayım ben de. Karakterinizin body type'ını yanı beden türünü seçebiliyorsunuz. Uzun ince, über ince, göbekli falan. Ama inceler aşırı ince oluyor ayrıca cidden karakterlerin bacak boyları rahatsız edecek derecede uzun. Benim lisede çizmeye çabaladığım devasa bacaklı anime kızlarına benziyorlar. Onun dışında, ten rengi, saç şekli/rengi, göz rengi, dövmeler, yaralar, dağlamalar (özellike Sith Inq.), makyaj, tentacle, spikes, horns, etc. Seçeneklerin sayısı ırklara/sınıflara göre değişebiliyor. Ben mesela, Twi'lekler için daha çok ten rengi seçeneği olsun isterdim açıkçası. (Rose: Herkes çok klasik karakterler yaratmış çok salak olmuş)

Sonraaaaaa... Rose'unda dediği gibi dialoglarını seçebilmek ve onları karakterinin ağzından duyabilmek çok keyif vericiydi. Seslendirmeler çok iyiydi. Seçtiğiniz class'a göre size özel questler var, doğal olarak ama aynı zamanda size özel "dungeon" mantığı da var (Rose: Story Quest olarak geçiyor ve tepeside "Owner: [Insert Character Name Here]" şeklinde bir yazı çıkıyor ve sadece o hikayeye ait class'lar orada bulunabiliyor).

Rose klavyeyi ele geçirir;

Niye parantezle boğuştuysam?

Sith Inq. çok eğlenceli bir karakter olmuş. Genel olarak Sith ortamını sevdik biz zaten. Hatta öyle ki, Jedi ile bir 10 dakika oynadık ama gecenin devamında saatler boyu Sith görevlerini yaptık. Özellikle havaya uygun questler vardı (gidip birilerine işkence falan ettik, çok eğlenceliydi). Size seçim şansı veren questler falan vardı, isterseniz diğer hikaye karakterlerinden birini gammazlayabildiğiniz vs. İlerde ne gibi bir etkisi olacak emin değilim ama bunları seçebilmek bile çok güzel ve büyük bir yenilik. (Tamam şimdi "Blahblah oyununda da var! diye atlarsanız diye; 3-5 tane MMO oynamışlığım var, ama hepsini oynamadım, ama oynadığım en eğlenceli MMO şu an SW:tOR çünkü yaratık farmlamak, Dungeon farmlamak, Raid farmlamak, PVP seven biri değilim. Level 15 karakterlerle bir hafta boyunca level kaygısı olmadan RP yapmış insanım ben. - Del ordan "Ben de! Ben de! Ben de! Ben de! Ben de!" diye el sallıyor- Bu Roleplay duygusunu çok güzel vermiş SW:tOR. Questler bitince bilemem tabi).

Özellikle Lightside pointlerle doldurabilecek bir Sith karakter ya da dark side pointler doldurabilecek bir Jedi karakter, bunların yanı sıra jedi ve sith olmayan smuggler, bounty hunter gibi karakterler, bütün bunların farklı cevaplarla harmanlanacak farklı seçimler yapılmış karakterler açmak falan derken.... WoW'da cookie cut birbirinin aynısı, aynı questler vs ile can sıkan bir hale gelen alt açma olayı apayrı bir boyuta çıkıyor SW:tOR'da.

Can sıkıntısından Robin Hood temalı smuggler açasım var hatta. Emin değilim var mı ama olabilitesi var bence.

Del "Play ALL the Characters!!" modunda (if you understand this, you're awe-- I mean, you're a 9gagger and still awesome) yazar;

SMUGGLEEEEERS!!!! Ben kesin Jedi Consular ya da Sith Inq. (kısaltıyorum çünkü uzununu hatırlayamıyorum) oynarım falan diye düşünüyordum ama gecenin bir vakti artık hem uykum geldi hem Rose bi' ara ortadan kayboldu (Rose: Sevdiceğimle konuşuyodum >.< ), Cücük'de garip garip bana bakarken bari bir smuggler deneyim dedim ve... ve... böyle, güneşi gördüm, kalpler fışkırdı, gök kuşakları kustum, falan. 

Just 3 words, my fellow friends, "Take Cover" Skill.

OMG! I'm coming for you Han! *runs around the room and takes cover and act like shooting things*

Piçuv, piçuv piçuv!!

(Rose: Tamam çok eğlenmiş, server'lar açılsın ben de bakiyim.)

Next Issue (Niye İngilizce yazıyorsam -Del): Smuggler (for Rose), Bounty Hunter, Jedi Knight, Sith Warrior, etc.

Oh, yes. When we are not in the kitchen we're doing this stuff.

6 Haziran 2011 Pazartesi


Rose ile ben düşündük taşındık, KOG'un cümle dağarcığına yeni bir şeyler ekleyelim dedik. Ancak KOG o kadar inatçı ki bir türlü öğrenmek istemiyor yeni şeyler, bir kâbustur tutturmuş. Aranızda böyle kendine güvenen dişil ve eril yiğitler mevcut ise bir de onlar şanslarını denesin dedik. Belki siz birkaç yeni cümle öğretmeyi başarırsınız*.

*Yaratıcı arkadaşlar burda halka seslenmektedir ve demektirlerdir ki KOG'a yeni mottolar önerebilecek cengaverler mevcut mudur?

Biraz değişim ve ekleme çıkarmalarla, K.O.G.'un çok da fazla sevilebilen biri haline dönüşebileceği potansiyeli olduğunu düşünüyorum. Hadi bakalım, pambık eller klavyeye. Go go go!